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My thoughts concerning current state of this country

When a government of the people fail to live up to its founding, and no longer governs with the consent of the governed, it becomes necessary to alter or abolish that government.

It is the duty and responsibility of the people that are governed to ensure that the government is trustworthy and fair to all citizens equally.  When the government exceeds these bounds, and causes harm to those that are governed, then we must cause change to make the government work for the people.

Over the course of the last 240 years, there have been many changes to the world, and as such our government has had to change.  This growth is necessary.  The government has used the changes in the world, to cause change in the government which is unnecessary and harmful to the populace.  Some of these changes, when presented to the people, seemed harmless enough and even beneficial.  Over time we have come to find out the ill effects that these changes have had, and even the original motives behind such changes.  The underlying reason for the changes, has been to bring under control of a ruling class, the whole of the United States.

Take the following:

The 16th amendment, which allowed the government to tax income and spend it on whatever it chose.  Whether or not a benefit to the populace.  The federal government alone gets to decide what rate people are taxed at, under the guise of a rigged election.

The 17th Amendment, which removed the representation from the states, and put the senators under popular election.  It is easier to manipulate the people then to manipulate the state legislatures.  The people always had representation in the government.  It is called the House of Representatives.  We are supposed to be a nation of sovereign states, but without state representation at the federal level, how are they represented…

The passage of the Federal Reserve act, which put control of monetary policy in the hands of a non-elected entity.  Monetary policy is the prevue of the House, and they abdicated their responsibility.

The passage of the Social Security Act, which was supposed to be voluntary, and only 1% of your income.  It was also supposed to only keep people out of the poor house, and not be a sole income.  The Federal government has taken that money, and used it for other things besides retirement income.  Any money the feds borrow from SSI must be repaid.  Since the government produces nothing, and gets all of its money from the taxpayers, the taxpayers are responsible for paying back those loans.  So, aside from now being required to pay SSI at 6.2 percent, and am also paying, through taxes all the money borrowed.  You can call this a backdoor tax.

The misinterpretation of the 13th amendment concerning birthright citizenship.  At the time it was written, it was supposed to be for the slaves to ensure they were treated as citizens.  It was never meant to ensure that anybody born in this country was automatically a citizen.

The misinterpretation of the commerce clause, which has allowed the federal government to regulate every aspect of our daily lives.

The misinterpretation of the welfare clause, that allows the federal government to give “welfare” to all people the federal government deems needy, whether those people need It or not.

The misuse and misinterpretation of patent law, to ensure that small business and entrepreneurs never have a chance, therefore leaving power in the hands of the elite few.

The Constitution allowed for the purchase of 10 square miles of land to act as the government center, and of course any land that was necessary for government operations throughout the country.  They were never supposed to control millions of acres and restrict it from use by the states.

The Department of Education, which essentially has removed control of the schools from the local people and under threat of lawsuit now controls many aspects of our education system

The Department of Energy which when originally formed was supposed to ween us from the dependence of foreign energy.  This department is so far out of control, that they actually restrict us from producing our own.

This list continues for many hundreds of major and minor examples of the intrusiveness of the federal government.

Therefore, I propose the following:

Repeal the 16th Amendment.   Have the Federal Government send the bill to the states, and have the states provide the funds for the government.  Apportion the bill to the population size of the states

Repeal the 17th Amendment

Close down all bureaucracies that are not constitutionally mandated and necessary to the operations of the federal government.  The Department of Education, The department of Energy, The Bureau of Land management, and many others. Use the saving to pay back SSI for a period of 5 years.

Give all the forest and park lands back to the states in which they reside

Sell off all government buildings that are no longer necessary, and use the proceeds to pay back Social Security

Pass an amendment to term limit the House of Representatives

Pass an amendment to term limit the Senators.

Pass an amendment to term limit Supreme Court Justices

Pass an Amendment to balance the Budget

Pass an Amendment that the states can override any legislation by a 2/3 consensus.

Provide a statement as to the original meaning of the commerce clause, and hold the government to that

Provide a statement as to the original meaning of the welfare clause and hold the government to that.

This list is not to be construed as complete.  I am sure that people more knowledgeable than me can come up with several others that would be beneficial to the populace as a whole.

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